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Friday, August 8, 2003

What is a Googlette?

[Starring: The Googlettes]

“What is a Googlette? It’s a new business inside of Google that is just getting started — the start-up within the start-up. We’re looking for an experienced, entrepreneurial manager capable of offering direction to a team of PMs working on a wide array of Googlettes. You will define Google’s innovation engine and grow the leaders of our next generation of businesses.”
–, Google: Director, Product Management, Googlette, 2003-08-06

Credits for the image go to Google Answers Researcher Pinkfreud.

Google Watch Watch

Who watches the Watchmen? does. Chris Beasley’s bottom line, in reaction on Daniel Brandt picking on PageRank with

“PageRank isn’t perfect, but it is the best thing we have. If there was a way for Google to pool the opinions of everyone in the world on every website on the Internet we’d likely get better results. If Google was telepathic and could read your thoughts when you searched we’d likely get better results, but imagine the privacy issues with that one.”
– Chris Beasley,, 2003


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