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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Mining Amazon Web Services: Book Preview

You may have seen I make use of the Amazon API, by displaying their content next to Google API results in tools of this blog or my Authorama book site.
Today I can give you a first look at Mining Amazon Web Services: Building Applications with the Amazon API, a new book by John Paul Mueller.

The Book

“Amazon’s new Web Services allow any computer application to find and display Amazon product information and initiate commercial transactions. (...) Written for professional web developers creating Amazon store fronts and web site owners who want to get a piece of the action by selling for, this unique book focuses on development, not consumer, features. Topics include: Working with Web Services data; Writing applications using VBA, Visual Studio .NET, PHP, Java; Writing applications for mobile devices; Refining/crafting your Web Services program and considering user needs.”
– Official homepage, Mining Amazon Web Services (Sybex)


Mining Amazon Web Services is announced to be published next month at Sybex. The following chapters can be previewed here (they’re not yet available anywhere else):

This content is Copyright © 2004 SYBEX Inc.

The Author

“John Mueller is a freelance author and technical editor. He has writing in his blood, having produced 61 books and over 200 articles to date. The topics range from networking to artificial intelligence and from database management to heads down programming. Some of his current books include several C# developer guides, an accessible programming guide, a book on .NET security, and several Windows XP user guides. (...)
He’s also contributed articles to magazines like InformIT, SQL Server Professional, Visual C++ Developer, Hard Core Visual Basic, and Visual Basic Developer.”
John Mueller: About the Author (DataCon Services)

Thanks to John Mueller and Sybex!


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