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Monday, February 2, 2004

PageRank 10 List January 2004

The Adobe Reader Download leads the PageRank 10 List for last month with 1,070,000 backlinks.

Mydoom - How Fast Are the Search Engines?


Just recently the word “Mydoom” entered the Web. It’s revealing to see how fast the different search engines pick up the news online. Here’s how many pages have been indexed so far:

  1. Google - 438,000
  2. MSN - 123,855
  3. Yahoo* - 89,700
  4. Altavista - 17,387
  5. AllTheWeb - 312
  6. AskJeeves - 40

As we can see Google is the undisputed quick update champion in the search engine world. Not counting Yahoo, which are feeded by Google, only MSN can be considered to play in the same league, though they’re not yet coming close. At the same time AllTheWeb seems to hibernate (remember, they’re the FAST powered search engine claiming to have “one of the largest and freshest indices”).

*Note that Yahoo! did not show the Google result.

Groundhog Day

It’s Groundhog Day at Ask Jeeves.


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