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Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Orkut Problems

Google affiliate Orkut recently went down for maintenance. And some believe it won’t work in anyway.

Julia Fractals Google Logo

Today Google is honoring Julia Fractals with a special logo. Following the logo link leads you straight to Google Images. Gaston Maurice Julia is the inventor of the Julia set algorithm of 1918 (on which the popular Mandelbrot images of 1980s Chaos theory wave were based on). Gaston Julia was born 111 years ago on February the 3rd, 1893.

Update - a site had to shut down thanks to Google:

“On the 3rd of February 2004, this page (or rather the page that was here) was swamped by requests and the server subsequentially failed. The reason was traced to Google introducing a fractal looking logo (see below), which when clicked, performed an image search for “julia” and “fractal”. The two most interesting resulting images on the top row of the list were on this page (or rather the page that was here).”
Using Google? Looking for images of quaternion fractals?, February 3rd 2004 [via Markus]

Unified Search Engine Access (PHP)

The “Unified Search Engine Access" class is a PHP module that does some results screen-scraping (by Voznyak Nazar).


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