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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Microsoft’s Robert Scoble on Search Engine Future

“For Internet searches, I see social behavior analysis tools like Technorati becoming far more important. Why? Because people want different ways to see potentially relevant results. (...)

I also see that search engines that search just specific types of content (like Feedster) are going to be more important (...)

Oh, and users are going to demand new ways of exporting searches. Google showed us that with News Alerts. Enter in a search term, like “Microsoft" and get emailed anytime a news source mentions Microsoft. Feedster goes further than that. There you can build an RSS feed from a search term.”
– Robert Scoble of Microsoft interviewed by Andy Beal, Microsoft’s plans for a new search engine technology (Pandia)


Soople is the meta-Googler for search experts who like to see all options on a single page. (And I’m still working on my Uber engine.) [Via Gillmor]


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