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Monday, February 16, 2004

Smallest Google in the World

Yes, it’s the smallest Google in the world.

Counter Googling and Google Talk

I have to admit, even though reading through its Orkut description, I still don’t know what is all about (“With, by saying true or false things on yourself, you can increase your googling by 1”). And then I found Google Talk, which is equally hard to get (“Use Google talk by entering three or four words below. The system will search for this sentence at Google, find the next word and print that. Than it will remove the first word of the search string, add the found word and repeat”). [See more Google Hacks by Douwe Osinga, including the interesting Landgeist and Google History, which are similar to some of my ideas].

DMOZ Links Carry No Special Weight

“As far as the weight, a link from DMOZ is the same as a link from any other page on the web. DMOZ pages typically have more PageRank, so it helps in that respect, but there’s no extra boost just because the link comes from the Open Directory.”
– GoogleGuy, No Google Boost From DMOZ (GoogleGuy Says/ WebMasterWorld), February 14th

Ti spwrll iyty rhiggt

Enter this in Google: Ti spwrll iyty rhiggt.

President of the Internet

[Philipp Lenssen - President of the Internet]

“Recently there has been some debate as to who the President of the Internet is and how they came to power. The concerned parties mutually agreed that because Google is unbiased and somewhat democratic it would be used to determine the current President of the Internet. Whoever holds the top search result for “President of the Internet” will in fact be the President of the Internet.”
– Dan James, CEO Blues, February 2004 [via Gadgetopia]


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