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Sunday, February 22, 2004

FindForward: Past Feature

I added a new feature to FindForward: click on “Past” below any result of a search to be taken to the Wayback Machine’s first record of the site.

Google Offering Email Soon?

“Google is preparing to offer a free e-mail service, people close to the company said, in a bid for Yahoo’s most important source of loyal customers.”
– Saul Hansell, The Search Engine That Isn’t a Verb, Yet (The New York Times), February 22, 2004

When Yahoo Finds More

Sometimes, Yahoo finds more. It recently dropped Google and now indexes a single page more completely – Google stops at around 100k while Yahoo slurps 500. I did a sample search for...

... and Google returns 0 results – Yahoo returns 1, 15, and 130 results.

Is it about time Google increases its file limit, or are pages at those huge sizes nothing but dictionaries or source code dumps anyway?

*I used FindForward’s “Randomizer” feature to get to this search query.

Moreover Falsely Reports...

Moreover falsely reports Aaron Swatz is dropping his Google Weblog... and shows how fast Web news can spread via RSS – nevermind if they’re based on facts or a 1-year old April Fools blog post. [Via FindForward Blogcrawler.]


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