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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Finding Files

Capt. Cornelius points to Fun with Google Searches, where you learn ways to find downloads like videos or music. Some examples:

Find out more about the search method used or see the directory search interface I provided. FindForward also features a file search with a similar approach.

PHP5 Released


PHP – the scripting language I’m using on most of my sites, and probably today’s most popular scripting language on the Web – has been released as version 5 (final). Now we got native SOAP support (which should come in handy with the Google Web API, or the Amazon API), real XML support, and real OOP.

CNN Obituaries Glitch

“It should come as no surprise to those who follow the media that most news outlets prepare obituaries for many prominent political and entertainment figures (...) well before their deaths. The passing of a famous personage is always big news, and nobody wants to get scooped by losing time scrambling to compile an obituary for someone who has died unexpectedly. (...)

Unfortunately, CNN was caught a bit red-faced on 16 April 2003 when they discovered that a technical glitch had made some obituary templates they’d prepared for several famous but not-yet-dead persons (...) accessible to the general public via one of their development web sites”
– Via Urban Legends Search for “Google”

Identity Pranks

“It is an easy and obvious prank to pull. Go to a blog, write a silly or offensive comment, and sign it Jakob Nielsen or Instapundit or Kottke. Voila: instant controversy.

Identity on the web is a gossamer construct, easily spoofed. With the unwitting help of Google, you could injure reputations in minutes by posting forged comments at heavily linked sites.”
– Jeffrey Zeldman, The Andy Kaufman Effect, 28 May 2004

NYT and Google

“How can the mighty New York Times, which considers itself America’s paper of record, be the paper of record in cyberspace when its articles barely show up on Google?”
– Adam L. Penenberg, Searching for The New York Times, Jul. 14, 2004 [Via]

Gmail Wiki

A wiki dedicated to nothing but Gmail can be found at

How Many Links From Google asks: How many links does it take to get to your site from

Billboard Mystery Photo

Google shows off a photo of their billboard publicity stunt of last week.

Google the Dog

Looks like this puppy goes by the name of “Google”.


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