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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Imaginary Blog Posts From History

The deja-vu that wouldn’t stop – here’s a little bloxploitation in my attempt to go back (and forward) in time, pretending to have been running a blog during historical dates... talk about quality memes. You are invited to join the what-if covering other events in your own blog.

The “World Wide Web” (July 1993)

I just saw the “World Wide Web”. It’s a cool new application which I’m sure you will hear more of. A guy named Tim Berners-Lee wrote it at CERN (he replied to some of my emails, telling me he was flattered by my curiosity).

So what can this “Web” do for me, you may ask? Think of it as connected newsgroup postings. A collection of pages sit on an Internet server, and you can view these in a little tool called “web browser”. It has a “back” and “forward” button (I think they are not really needed and mostly clutter up the interface).

Now the coolest thing is the ability to follow hyperlinks from one page to the next. It’s a little nauseating to be thrown from one server to another, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

At the moment, there is not a lot going on in terms of content. And most of it appeals to tech-nerds or hardcore-scientists only. Also, it’s very hard to find the ...

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Google (November 3rd 1998)

Check out Google. A funny name, but finally a search engine that works (two guys from Stanford make it possible). It’s not quite Yahoo but every Goliath needs a ...

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Wheels Keep Rollin’ (May 1,320,016 BC)

Excellent – my friend bearded Pete came up with a tremendous hack this noon. He calls it “wheel”. Basically, it’s a flat rock with a hole, but here’s the spin: it features a circular shape.

Now guess what happens when you start to roll this rock. More or less by accident we found out it wouldn’t stop the rolling motion, especially downhill (just ask Pete’s hairy brother who yelled so loud all lurking animals escaped in frenzy).

This motion was truly catching our interest and inspired us to put some more machinery on top. So now the wheel carries stuff and we save a lot of energy. Well, that’s the theory – actually, the energy we used to build this thing is probably not worth the outcome, as we laughingly admitted over a couple of mammoth milks in the evening.

If you have similar rock shapes, or ideas and comments on how ...

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Time-out (October 1st, 2043)

I will be going on vacation on the moon and not post for the next few days. Why the moon? ’Cause I’m broke and can’t afford the ticket back to earth! If you want to donate energy or information please tap my brain at ...

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Cheesy Love-story (Winter 1596)

Went to see the play “Romeo and Juliet” (or was it the other way round?) by Mr. Shakespeare. It started out quite good but then rain kicked in and make-up and masquerade came off and the thing was cancelled.

You see maybe it was for the better, for you could glance plot-holes so big to ride a horse through.

Here’s the grist: a completely obsessed lad by the name of Romeo hits on his love interest Juliet during a giant dance get-together. If this was a healthy couple I’m sure they could just enjoy their love in secrecy but for some reasons, that’s not possible, and there’s lots of politics involved too. I missed the end but I’m sure they lived happily ...

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Strange Google AdSense

I suppose Google was joking when they served this ad on my blog (note the spelling of “Google”):

[Ads by Goooooogle]


If you want to search for a song but don’t know the title, the Tuneteller music search engine might help. You enter the tune using a piano applet and hit search to find related MIDI files. [Via Waxy.]

New Features for Google Germany

Abakus points to are several new features for the German

Translation: Enter lucky englisch-deutsch (or lucky en-de) to find a link to a dictionary to translate “lucky” into German. In reverse you can also enter visitenkarte deutsch-englisch (or visitenkarte de-en) to get a translation from German to English. Too bad there is no direct translation of the word, but just a link leading to a dictionary.

Maps: When you enter a name or zip-code of a German city into, you will now see a link to maps. E.g. you can enter Aachen to see two maps linked.

Other new features: Call-by-Call Vorwahlen, Sendungs-Verfolgung, Wertpapier-Informationen.

"Revenge of the Sith" Once More

Here is an update of the “Revenge of the Sith” pagecount in three of the biggest search engines – by now Google far surpasses the others:

9/11 Report Index

The InFact 9/11 Report Index “contains a hyperlinked index of the people, places, and organizations cited in the 9/11 Commission Report."


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