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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Smallest Pinball (Video)

Spam Kings (Book)

Spam Kings tells the real story of the virtual crime lords known as spammers – and also, the anti-spammers fighting them. (I just bought this book and didn’t read it yet, but it sounds interesting.)

No Hotmail Upgrade

Though I said farewell to Hotmail many moons ago, I wanted to know if it’s true it received a storage boost (since the release of Gmail, there’s something in the news every few weeks). But no, it’s still at 2MB. However in my Hotmail screen I saw a funny upgrade newsbit:

In this prime example of braindead mumbo jumbo, Microsoft manages to fill 3 of 4 bullets regarding their upgrade with no upgrade information at all (and the remaining bullet looks like a lie – Hotmail scanned attachments with McAffee since a long time).

Feeeds Icons

For a better overview I added keyword-based icons to Feeeds.

The "Geo-Google" Threat (for $895)

“The Neil Budde Group and Advanced Interactive Media Group, L.L.C. have released a 59-page report on how the rise of local search by Google, Yahoo, Internet yellow pages and others is casting a long shadow over local online advertising.”
The ’Geo-Google’ Threat: Search Engines Target Local Advertising


This Flash zoom is indeed very fascinating. [Thanks Justin F.]


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