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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

New MSN Search Goes Live

The new MSN search, which has been around as Beta version for quite a while, went officially live now and is used when you search from the MSN homepage.

Googleguy on Nofollow

I don’t know if it’s the Googleguy commenting in Battelle’s Searchblog, but I think these are some relevant pro-points – with the new “nofollow”, webmasters received a new tool to further adjust how search engines treat their site. Whether or not this solves the spam problem at hand, or possibly, introduces new problems, it’s our choice to use it... a choice we didn’t have before.

“This is just a new building block that lets software makers have better granularity – at a link level instead of a page level. And they can declare things about the authorship of a link that they couldn’t before. Lots of people are using it to do smart things; for example, LiveJournal can recognize authenticated users and they won’t get the nofollow tag. So it’s not the case that every comment or trackback will be reduced in value. Last week, a software maker didn’t have that ability, but now they do.

In other words, if you trust a user or like their comment, it won’t be hard for them to get search juice from commenting on your posts. I believe that adding this flexibility for software makers will be a very helpful thing in the long term.”

Feedster Jobs

Feedster offers a new job search engine. [Via SEW.]


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