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Saturday, October 1, 2005

Breaking Up With Google

You have a relationship with Google. You see it everyday, talk to it, want something from it. And Google, arguably, knows more about you than most others do. And you rely on it, more than you do on others. But what if you question the relationship? What if you got this nagging fear there may be others out there? What, in other words, if you wanted to break up with Google? Well, of course, you’d make a pro/ con list!

Pros Cons
+ Google helps me out in need
+ Google’s always there for me, is always stable
+ Google knows a lot of trivia and always comes off as smart
+ Others admire Google
+ Has a lot of money
+ We’ve know each other for a long time
+ Always brings me my mail
+ Is great at finding stuff I lost
+ Doesn’t judge me
+ Not overly talkative
+ Google lives own life, no control-freak
+ Not too demanding
+ Well-mannered, polite and clean
+ You can learn a lot from Google, almost always has answers
+ Google’s a bit geeky at times
+ Not evil
- Often, Google ignores me when talk about anything personal
- Never forgets anything I’ve done in the past
- There are others like Google, Google’s not so special anymore
- Looking more messy everyday
- Lacks humor, creativity
- Google looks a bit childish
- Afraid Google might one day tell others about my secrets
- Doesn’t change the looks, ever
- There’s nothing fresh about the relationship
- Always keeps cookies around
- Always mentions stuff I should buy
- Always waits for me to give all the input


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