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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

What Google Calendar May Bring

If Google Calendar indeed surfaces in the near future, what could it – should it – bring? As mentioned before, the sub-domain exists, albeit it only redirects to the Google homepage for now, and has been registered through Data Pocket, a registration service Google used before.

First, I can see two major applications: a calendar application on its own, or a search feature for other calendars (it could also be a mixture of the two). I’ll focus on the first option for now. It may be the next step in completing the Google OS and its Google Office, strongest competitor to Microsoft.

Quickdat, my own little calendar application of some years ago. Would the Gcalendar main screen look anything like it? A Google image search for [online calendar] reveals some more possibilities.

I’m not a big online calendar user (not yet, anyway), so I’m not sure what’s missing in the market, or what important features must be in any calendar web app. I could imagine a few:

On a technical side, we could expect:

Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo said: “There’s been so little innovation in the world of on-line calendars these last few years. Perhaps Google getting into the act would finally change that.” But don’t hold your breath, as there may be some more days of wait until the announcement. InternetNews speculates we’ll be seeing something the end of this month: “There’s a big invitation-only gathering at Google’s Mountain View, Calif., offices on Oct. 26 and 27. (...) The search goliath used its first press open house in May to introduce Google Earth, and it may save this unveiling, as well.”

I’d like to hear your opinions, feature wishes and prophecies.

[Thanks to Tony Ruscoe, Alex K., and Ilana Tamir in the forum.]


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