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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Google Advertises Own Blog Search

Google isn’t shy to advertise its new blog search whenever your Google search contains the word “blog”, “blogs”, “weblog” and “weblogs” – and pushes other advertisers down a bit at the same time. (Google’s own AdWords traffic estimator says advertising for the keywords “blog” and “blogs” results in around 1,750 clicks per day.)

I/O Brush (Video)

This fascinating brush [MPG] from the MIT Media Lab is much more then it looks like; it has a video camera as well as light and touch sensors included. Brush it over any surface, and – just like the color picker available in every painting software – it will pick up the color, texture and even movement. Now you can brush over a special canvas to draw just what you picked up. “The world as a palette”, as the inventor’s site claims. [Via Presurfer.]

Nothing But Success For Google

From John Battelle’s book on Google, The Search:

“[At] Yahoo, you have to pay for your lunch. At Google, lunch is free.

Why is there no free lunch at Yahoo? In 2001, Yahoo got smacked upside its head by the markets, and was nearly written off as a company. It had to lay off hundreds of workers, consolidate its cost base, and watch its stock drop from the highs of more than $500 to lows of less than $10. Its employees – the ones that were left – walked around their campus in a state of shock, shoulders dropped, sapped of confidence. In short, Yahoo has seen the business end of failure, and has been chastened by the experience. But Google, well, Google has never known anything but success. The only thing Google has failed to do, so far, is fail.”

Big Cash With Google AdSense

Scroll down to the part where Darren Rowse says “Adsense earnings for August - $15,849.73”. Doesn’t that sound interesting? [Via Welsh View.]


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