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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Watching Google Video Outside US

I can’t say for sure in which countries video playpack for Google Video is disabled. Google disabled it to work in Germany, for example. I couldn’t even get US proxy servers to work lately.

But now J. pointed me to how I can still watch free videos like Google Current (which is a Google co-produced show focussing on the favorite Google News stories): install AOL.* Of course, you need a screen name for that (unless your friend can give you one). I installed the English version which can be downloaded near, and after setup, could finally access the full-movie Flash player Google offers US citizens on their video service. Indeed, no matter where you install the software, it’s America OnLine...

*Be carful with the installation; for me AOL added an icon in the Windows system tray which I couldn’t disable after closing AOL, and I found several AOL-related process which I had to shut down.

Back then when I first used AOL (years ago, when they were spamming the country with their CDs), I couldn’t cancel my membership, and didn’t touch them ever since. But finally, they’re doing something good for me... even without knowing.

Update: I just noticed AOL also installed their own toolbar in Internet Explorer. Wow, they’re still evil.


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