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Saturday, October 15, 2005

How To Improve Handwriting

If you feel your handwriting needs some improvement, try this tutorial. (I wonder if good handwriting is becoming more rare now that we have keyboards. I could imagine so...) [Via Lifehacker.]

Top 10 Web Fads

Sean Carton looks at the top web fads of yesteryear (portals, splash pages, divider bars, “homepages”, page counters, guestboos, and more). [Via Digg.]

Google AdWords Now Supports Flash

Google now lets you submit Flash-based advertisement for your Google AdWords campaigns (prior to that, only images and plain text ads were supported). And some already cried “foul” when Google introduced image ads. But for those who want it, why not? As a website owner though, I would never allow ad animations next to content – I find they distract from reading. (I wonder if Google will allow AdSense users to specifically disable animations only while allowing for other kinds of image ads.) [Thanks Miel.]


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