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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Human Browser (Video)

Christophe Bruno on May 29 this years describes his “Human Browser” project (a Flash-based video is available):

“This piece is a wireless Google hack: as I enter keywords in a Wi-Fi pda, to briefly describe the actor’s context, a program on a laptop uses these keywords as search strings in google. Then the laptop sends a text-to-speech audio of the search to an actor who then repeats what he’s getting via the headphones.”

On October 1st, Christophe posted an update to his Human Browser project (the page is in French – if you can translate the essence and post it here, that’s welcome).

See Christophe’s other art hacks which too are often related to Google.

Misspelled Auctions

Searching eBay for misspelled product names (like “brial gown”) may get you cheaper prices, and this handy tool helps you along the way. [Via Boing Boing.]


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