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Monday, October 17, 2005

Peter Molyneux’s Dimitri

Famous video game designer Peter Molyneux, who created classics like Populous or Black & White, is talking to German about his newest game. The working title is “Project Dimitri”, and it’s all about... you (my translation):

“I believe games have the unique power to do something that has never been done before in the history of entertainment. Even in the antique world of the Greeks, the storytellers would stand up in front of the audience to tell stories of others. What I find so fascinating about computer games technology is it enables us to do something completely different. I can best explain this with one of our new projects, titled “Dimitri.”

In it we’re simulating a story, a world, but throughout the game you’re allowed to play your own life. Everybody playing the game will relive his own, personal life. You couldn’t do this with a movie. I think it’s fascinating because at one time in our life, we all wonder “What if...” “What if I’d have worked harder, went out a little more, what if I wouldn’t have played video games the whole day, or watched movies – in what ways would that have changed my life?" And while this is still only a story, it’s a very personal one, and that makes it unique. Today’s entertainment is basically all about watching someone else’s wishes and dreams. But games are smart; they’re capable of allowing you to delve into your individual, unique experience.”


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