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Friday, October 21, 2005

Open Letter Attacks Yahoo on China Policy

“A leading Chinese advocate of internet freedoms has issued a scathing denunciation of the US portal Yahoo for its role in helping Communist authorities to prosecute an independent-minded local journalist, jailed for 10 years for “leaking state secrets”.

Veteran dissident Liu Xiaobo, in an open letter to Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, accuses the US company of betraying its customers and supporting dictatorship by providing information on journalist Shi Tao to Chinese authorities.

“Major foreign companies should not be helping the Chinese government to limit freedom of speech on the internet,” Mr Liu told the Financial Times.”
– Mure Dickie, China dissident attacks Yahoo over jailing (, October 18 2005 [Via SEW.] With PageRank 2

Oh my. The Microsoft network homepage – one of Google’s main competitors in terms of web search – has been assigned a PageRank of 2* by the latest “Jagger” update. This low PR could be caused by a change in how Google handles redirects; a server header checker will show returns a 302 redirect status. [Via InsideGoogle.]

*If you don’t know how much a PageRank of 2 really is, well, it’s sort of like saying this kid’s got a new Geocities homepage, let’s see how he’ll be doing.

Halloween Decorations Webcam

Alek put up a Halloween decorations & lights webcam (including an inflatable Hulk) and says this year, it’s not a hoax.

China Blocking Wikipedia?

Some sources report the Chinese government has blocked Wikipedia, so that Chinese netizens will arrive at a blank page when trying to open the world’s largest public encyclopedia.

Graham on Startups, Again

Always worth a read: Paul Graham, this time talking about having the right idea for a startup (or rather, generating it, and then making something out of it). [Via Lifehacker.]

Fliker Instant Images

Shockwave-based Fliker by Jussi Ängeslevä and Ross Cooper displays Google image results in real-time, as you type them in the search box. A nice idea, but you might want to get the aspirin ready... [Thanks Telendro.]


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