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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ghost Sites: Quicktime 4

Isn’t it annoying that these days, the Quicktime 7 video player is bundled with Apple’s iTunes? Well, turns out Apple didn’t clean up their site and the Quicktime 4 intro page remains – how ironic, when they write:

“Most software installers work like dump trucks – unloading everything they have onto your computer, whether you’re ever going to use what’s in them or not. With QuickTime 4, you can choose to keep your computer running lean and mean by only loading the components you need, when you need them.”

[Via Digg.]

Google’s Instant Massaging (Sic)

Wall Street Journal columnist Jeremy Wagstaff in his blog tracks the origins and spreading of a typo (instant “massaging” instead of “messaging”). When the Providence Journal defines cyberstalking as “harassment via e-mail or instant massaging,” Jeremy quips: “Indeed. People leaping upon strangers in public and on the Internet, delivering instant backrubs should definitely be stopped before it gets out of hand.” [Via InsideGoogle.]

Personalized Adult Feed

Not safe for work: this site lets users check different adult content categories, and then offers an RSS feeds linking to pictures or movies of those categories. (The business model? New pages open up in a frameset, so there will always be ads displayed.) [Via Fleshbot.]

On MSN Search (Video)

Andy Edmonds and Erik Selberg of MSN Search talk about how their search engine works. The video [WMV] covers neural networks, static versus dynamic rank, SEO, index size, and link based importance.

Cartoon Heros

This nearly endless collection of Microheros is fun to look at. There’s Mr. T, Kaneda, Jackie Chan, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Tomb Raider, Stormwatch, Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, and hundreds more. (The drawings remind me of the VZones characters, though I don’t know if they were made for that purpose.)


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