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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Revver Video Site

At Revver, you can upload your videos... and if someone clicks on the ad frame that gets inserted at the end, you make some money. Also, if you’re a webmaster/ blogger, you can sign-up as affiliate and include the videos on your own site (again, you’ll make money if people click on the video ad).

Other than that Revver has a chock full of Web 2.0-ish features: it’s uncluttered, there’s a tag cloud, it’s XHTML, it’s an open community-based content model, their explanations get straight to the point, they were featured on Boing Boing, and their domain name doesn’t make sense (’cause all domains that make sense have been taken since 1996).

Actually, Revver’s riding the hype wave a lil’ too high; they call their ad frame “RevTag"™, but since when is “tag” the best term for “advertisement”? (OK, we may also ask; since when is a keyword a tag?)


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