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Friday, October 28, 2005

Google Jagger Devalues Homepages?

George McDaniels alerted me to the fact Google Blogoscoped can no longer be found when searching for [Google Blog], at least not among the first few results like it had been for a long time. Also, I noticed entering [Google Blogoscoped] I get a sub-page in the archive here as first Google result, and only the second is the homepage (entering just [blogoscoped] returns another archive page). And then, I’m not in the top 20 anymore for [Google]*.

Could it be Google’s Gilligan update devalues homepages in general, or is this related to my blog in specific? Also, did you notice anything else unusual with the Google results, especially when related to your pages?

As for my blog, here are some things I noticed lately:

Other sample results which I regularly test, like [Jerz blog], remained the same (for Dennis G. Jerz’s nice Literacy Weblog, someone who copies his content comes up first in Google; Jerz himself is second).

*By the way, I’m not feeling the “unfair Google results” syndrome at this moment. Now when you enter [Google Blogoscoped], you get what seems to be the hottest post on the blog at the moment (Google Base), and the actual homepage comes second. As for [Google Blog], I always thought it was smart of Google to figure out the term “blog” is very important/ relevant for Google Blogoscoped – but I don’t think a lot of people link here writing “Google Blog”, so I don’t think I must be in a top position for that necessarily. Many other terms for which I find pages on my blog to be relevant (like for [Google Answers Researcher], [Google Cartoons] and so on) are still turning up fine. Actually, a devaluation of blog homepages could make sense, as most things you’d find in them in Google would already have left the front-page by the time you visit the blog. Permalinked archive pages are the more relevant results here.

Update: Things are back to “normal.”


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