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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Google Images in Ad

In this Heineken Flash advertisement (turn on your speakers, unless you’re at work), you can choose a location to drink your beer; an image of this location will then be Google-searched for, and you can send the result as e-card (says Miel, I had some problems getting the site to find images).

Pac-Man in Class (Video)

Watch Pac-Man and a ghost [WMV] crash a Chemistry course. [Via Digg. Source.]

Google Desktop Blog

Seriously, it’s nice Google now starts a new blog for every of their products – Inside Google Desktop is the latest addition – but wouldn’t it be also nice to also have a single blog collecting them all? [Thanks Dimitar Vesselinov in the forum.]

Google AdWords API Changes

If you have any programs running using the AdWords API, you may adjust some of your code. Google on November 3rd plans to remove the fields “impressions”, “ctr” (click-through-rate), and “notShownPerDay”, but add a field “clicksPerDay” (which could previously be calculated by using the impressions, CTR, and not-shown-per-day numbers).

Google Video Blog

Google launched an official Google Video blog to highlight uploaded videos. [Thanks Caleb E., Wouter Schut.]

Frappr Maps

If you’ve created your own user group map with Frappr (to let everyone add photos to a specific location), let me know. [Thanks Miel.]

Also see the Google Maps Guestmap service.


Jeteye is a meta-search engine with some sharing features, like “packages.” A package seems to be a link collection made available by Jeteye users which you can discover by entering related search queries. [Via Dr. Web newsletter.]

MapLandia is a sort of Google Maps based location directory (including travel affiliate advertisement) with the claim “Google map sightseeing easy as never before.” I’m linking to this using the “nofollow” attribute, but only because I’m wary of travel directories (which is not really this site’s fault), and the mail which advertised this service to me wasn’t “personalized.”


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