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Friday, November 4, 2005

AdSense Referrals

Google now offers you to make money by referring new AdSense users... and you get $100 when whoever signs up makes their first $100. Google offers you a bunch of graphic buttons to include via JavaScript (all buttons have a similar green bevel layout, but with different claims, and in different languages). This feature was invite-only before but is now available for everyone in the “Referrals” tab. Sweeet. [Tip o’ the hat to Dan Neal.]

Where Are You?

Does this page work for you? (It’s a small proof-of-concept supposed to show a map of your location; I’m using this nice web service.)

Search As Evidence

Robert James Petrick’s wife was missing for days already, News & Observer reports. Then Robert searched the internet for “Falls Lake depth” (which search engine it was isn’t mentioned). That was five months before fishermen found Robert’s wife strangled body in Falls Lake.

The evidence the prosecutors found here was on Robert’s private computer. I wonder about two things; would Google ever release such information if pressured (as soon as you log-in to your Google Account, Google can connect your name to your searches, and track this over time) – and also, if there is no law against searching ones computer, if anyone would need to ask Google in the first place for such information.

Also, how were the prosecutors able to date the search so well?

[Thank Doug in the forum.]

Web APIs

Interesting in programming the web and tapping its data? Here’s a list of APIs to do that.

Search Peace

Alan Goh writes:

“I have just created a graphic which contains 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN).

Would pray they work together to build the best of the best new edge search engine.”

Google Talk Blog Coming?

It looks like Google Talk will be getting its own official Blog soon... at least that would explain why there’s a “” now with a login prompt. [Thanks Dan Neal for the tip.]

Yahoo Local Events Browser

The Local Events Browser was hacked up by the Yahoo Maps team to try out the new Map API (it’s a “Mega mashup across lots of Yahoo! REST APIs”, according to the site’s technical notes). The demo includes a nice dynamic tag cloud. [Via Zawodny.]


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