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Saturday, November 5, 2005

Steve Rubel’s Skin Cancer Blog

Steve Rubel of the great Micro Persuasion blog has been diagnosed with skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma, “the most common and most treatable form of skin cancer”, as Steve says). He started a skin cancer blog to track his progress and to provide useful links, resources and stories from others. Steve adds, “Please link on the words skin cancer so that it begins to get some Google Juice and ranks highly on the right searches.” All the best from here. [Via Miel.]

People Or Organizations You Never Heard Back From?

Have you ever sent off an email to a person or company, and it fell into a black hole – i.e. you never received a reply?

All Your Words

All Your Words is a “social word association engine.” Basically, here’s what happens; you enter a single word, and the engine will take you to a single site associated with it. If there’s no site yet for a word, you can enter a URL of your own liking which will then be associated with it – until next time, when someone feels like modifying that association.

Yahoo Lists Google as "Dude’s Fish Store"

Matt Cutts made a screenshot of a Google listing gone awry; when you entered Google’s address into the new Yahoo Local Maps, it would show “The Dude’s Fish Store” at that location. Chris D. in Matt’s comments writes, “So it looks like you can create a Yahoo! local account – and put in anything you like… and then it ends up in maps…” [Via InsideGoogle.]

Why Google Bought a Boeing

Search Engine Watch has the details on “Google Force One” (the actual source is the WSJ, hiding behind a registration screen).

Forbes As Anti-Indicator

ABC News’ Michael S. Malone released an incredibly insightful and funny rebuttal to the recent Forbes cover story attacking bloggers. [Via Boing Boing.]


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