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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Google’s Ambidexterity

What is “ambidexterity”, and what does it have to do with Google? N. Venkat Venkatraman, professor at the Boston University School of Management, answers this question.

Customized Yahoo Maps

Justin shows how to customize Yahoo Maps so they look more like you want them to look. Note you can do similar with Google Maps and DHTML; just overlay the Maps frame with custom transparent layers (like my Where Are You page). [Via Waxy.]

AdWords on French Riots

Morrison writes, “The UMP, the political party of French interior Minister, Nicholas Sarkozy, has turned to Google Ads to drive support for a petition to support his tough stance against the riots in Paris.” Enter a term associated with the riots, like “Banlieue” (suburbs), and you can see it for yourself at this moment. [Via Sixtus.]

Performancing, a Blogger’s Blog

Now this is cool. Performancing is a new blogger’s blog (disclaimer; one of the co-founders of Performancing, Patrick Gavin, is sponsoring an ad here for another site). That is, it’s all about how to monetize your blog, how to get readers, and how to blog – and if you ever thought about taking your blog full-time, this might be the space to watch.

Who’s behind Performancing? Performancing LLC was formed by Patrick Gavin of Text Link Ads and Nick Wilson of Also on board are Chris Garrett, Andy Hagans, and Peter Brady. And the blog’s business model? It “will become apparent in time,” as the about page states.

Google Maps Risk

Here’s the game of Risk... implemented using Google Maps. [Via Waxy.]

What Happens When You Report A Microsoft Error? (Humor)

This [ASF] is what happens when you affirm the “Send bug to MS?” dialog. [Thanks Markus Renschler.]


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