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Friday, November 11, 2005

How Much For PR9?

How much would you pay for a PageRank 9 page? Let’s just pretend the page would be a rather obscure com-domain.

Update: To clarify, I was referring to the page itself, not only a link on it.

Google News Now in Search History

Google’s Search History* feature now includes Google News as well. [Thanks Caleb.]

*Just a word on privacy, as I saw misunderstandings of this feature; no matter if you pause Search History or not, Google can always connect your searches to your name across all of its services – those ending with * – as long as you’re logged into any service. (And a note on that; even if you weren’t logged in and deleted your cookies before searching, most likely, your provider may still be able to connect your IP to your searches would there ever be a case against you.)

More Search as Evidence

I’ve pointed to this case before – Robert Petrick is accused of murdering his wife, because he searched for the location at which she only later was found – and now there are new searches popping up in court. This time, according to’s Julia Lewis, the prosecutors say Petrick searched Google for the words “neck,” “snap,” “break” and “hold.” [Via Digg.]


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