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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sphere, a Blog Search Engine, a blog search engine, is in an invite-only test phase right now. Sphere* says it has 20 million blogs indexed, and they claim to deliver “the most relevant, timely and authoritative posts and blogs on any topic.” It has a nice look and feel but whether it’s returning more relevant results, I have to see when the next meme sets blogspace on fire (let’s say, a new Google service). They did fail a brief test on finding relevant blogs on the keyword Google (almost none of the important search blogs were there), but returned some nice results for

*Who’s behind this new service? The about page drops the following names; Tony Conrad, Martin Remy, and Steve Nieker as co-founders, Matt Mullenweg, Mary Hodder and Toni Schneider as advisors, and Phil Black, Doug Mackenzie, Kevin Compton, Will Hearst, David Mahoney, Vince Vannelli, and Mike Winton as supporters.

On a side-note, Sphere has a nice profile feature. Click on “Profile” on a search result snippet, and a dialog will open up. In it you can see stats like average posts per week, average words per post, or average links per post.


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