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Friday, November 18, 2005

55 Ways: Release Versions

My friend Markus just asked me, “Will you have a native speaker to proofread your upcoming book?” So I told him I will release the book it in three successive versions:

  1. Alpha version: This one, I will order myself first to check if it looks like I expect it to look. It will feature everything as in the final book release, including color pages and so on (a color page at costs me $0.15.) Any errors I find will then be corrected.
  2. Beta version: The beta version will be sent to 5-10 persons who I will contact. (And yes, the “Beta” will be written on the cover, too.) These readers should give me sincere feedback on the book and should be Google experts as well as those who don’t know Google well. I would also like to include at least one aged 12-15 as beta tester, because I hope certain parts of the book can be fun for readers of any age. Depending on the feedback I may rewrite or restructure certain parts of the book.
  3. Final Release: The final book can be ordered by everyone online at and the Amazon Marketplace (the order process may change if a publisher contacts me).


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