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Saturday, April 1, 2006

Two New Google AdSense Sizes

Google is introducing two new AdSense sizes, including one at 2560x1920 to fit in more ad content. This should be interesting for webmasters who rely on AdSense for their income and are looking for new revenue streams. “As part of the test, Google has been serving 2560 x 1920 ads on sites like for online digital camera retailers wishing to advertise unreduced megapixel-sized images,” states. Brian Axe in the official Google blog writes, “it brings a smile to my face to hear about entrepreneurs in the developing world who use AdSense to replace their day job with AdSense earnings.”

[Via InsideGoogle.]

Update: In another attempt to make site owners happy (and make them stick to the big G), according to Google is now allowing everyone to click on their own AdSense ads. A Google employee is quoted to have said, “Relaxing our rules as to what constitutes click fraud will help [small publishers] increase their earnings.” [Via Digg.]


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