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Saturday, April 1, 2006

Yahoo Buys Web 2.0

Yahoo say they decided it’s too much work to buy one Web 2.0 company after another (like Dogg, a mashup of Digg and Dogster), so they just bought Web 2.0. That’s right – all of it. [Via Matt Cutts.]

Ask’s RhymeSearch

Ask today introduces RhymeRank. While a hoax still in Gamma, it does actually work; enter e.g. April Fool’s news into Ask, and to the right side you will see a “Rhyme your search” list including “Gas Barbeques” and “Lose And Snooze.” [Via Matt Cutts.]

Google Maps Zombies

Today Lifehacker calls itself “deathhacker” and explains how you can track zombies in your area. [Via Wikipedia.]

Google 200600 and Toogle

2600: The Hacker Quarterly is dressed in a Google layout today. So is, which now calls itself Toogle. [Via Wikipedia’s list of 2006 April Fool’s jokes.]

Get Newsgroup Updates via Email

I’m not sure how new this feature of Google Groups is, but it might come in handy; you can now subscribe to get email updates for new posts on specific threads. Just click the “Email updates to me” link while you’re logged in. [Thans Icekin in the forum.]

Glo-Fi and Gooborgs

Google is releasing a free global wireless broadband network, Mobile Ecosystem writes. In other news, Gooborgs are coming. (Now where’s the real launch?) [Via ValleyWag.]

Gmail Birthday Logo

I can’t see Gmail’s birthday logo (Gmail is getting 2 today), but it’s indeed on the Google server’s and some seem to see it. [Thanks Orli Yakuel.]

If Google Owned Everything

What would happen if Google owned everything? (One of the screens looks very similar to Google Rooms!) [Thanks J.]

Google’s Quantum-Based Spam Filter

The Sydney Morning Herald writes, “Google’s quantum-based spam filtering launch was thrown into chaos today due to Microsoft Windows’s inability to cope with Australia’s daylight savings changes.” This is interesting; the new spam filter was supposed to go live today, according to the source. [Thanks Or.]


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