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Friday, April 7, 2006

Google Related Links Limit

Google only allows 10,000 hits to their Related Links box. Amit Agarwal wanted to know some details and Google replied with this:

“We aren’t able to support publishers receiving over roughly 10,000 pageviews per day across their sites. Specifically, if your network of sites receives over this amount of traffic daily, we may discontinue serving related searches, news, and links to your units without notice.

Should this occur, unfortunately it won’t be possible to easily reactivate the units. I’d therefore strongly recommend that you implement the units on your sites in such a way that the combined maximum page views doesn’t exceed 10,000 daily.”

Sounds like Google’s Related Links service is nothing for big website owners, or any blogger who ever expects to get dugg/ slashdotted. (However I can’t reproduce any site-wide “penalty” if you cross the 10,000 hits limit, other than the box disappearing on individual pages.) Yet another new Google service that doesn’t scale?


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