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Saturday, April 8, 2006

AdSense Revenue Went From $10 to $1,700

The official Google AdSense blog interviews AdSense optimizer Ivan Heneghan from Dublin. Ivan tells of one client for which he could increase the daily ad revenue from $10 to $1,700 simply by changing ad layout and positioning. (What’s missing in this story are the potential downsides of approaches like “embed the ad in your content, and use more blended colors.”)

MSN Comments on Outage

MSN say the disabled the speller functionality of their search, as it might have been the root of the recent outage (MSN isn’t quite sure either). I couldn’t reproduce this at this time and did receive a spelling suggestion for hello wrold. MSN apologizes, saying “We’re still new to the search business,” and they also promise to blog earlier on such outages “next time” (what, there’s gonna be a next time?).


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