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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Save Google, Free China

The Save Google, Free China blog is a grassroots campaign to convince Google to not cooperate with the Chinese gov’t on the current terms. The blog covers alternatives to the current situation, draws comparisons between the anti-apartheid movement against the South African gov’t, and lays out a “what if Google would have stayed out of China” scenario. Writer Verona Video explains the motivation behind the blog:

So our beef on this blog is not with Google folks. In fact, our idea of “saving Google” is that a decision of this nature by a company – to go against its fundamental values – tarnishes the message and mission of a company, and erodes the moral fabric of a company. Said in more Silicon Valley terms, it distorts the force of innovation. Innovation is a powerful unifying drive. When innovation in a company like Google is turned to enabling state censorship, this can’t be easy or good.

[Thanks Peter Dawson.]


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