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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yahoo Confronted by Reporters Without Borders

Julien Pain of Reporters Without Borders showed up in front of Yahoo last Friday, Michael Moore style, demanding a talk with Yahoo management over Yahoo helping the Chinese gov’t to jail dissidents. In front of the Yahoo HQ, Pain and others placed a portable TV, with ABC News filming the scene. The TV showed a video of the brother of jailed journalist Li Zhi, who accused Yahoo that Li is in prison because of them:

“He already had hepatitis and now he has pleurisy because the poor working conditions in prison,” Li’s brother says in the video in Chinese, with English subtitles. “Our family is broken. All this happened because of your company.”

In the video that was playing, Yahoo was also accused of handing over the information of Chinese journalist Shi Tao, as well as “many others” (who Shi Tao’s attorney can’t reveal, as he says).

You may argue about the details of what happened... but how on earth can any company defend their decisions (as Yahoo does) by saying they were only following local laws or that it’s for a greater good?

[Via Spiegel.]


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