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Thursday, June 29, 2006

What You Won’t Get With Google Checkout

The Google Checkout content policy includes a vast array of things you won’t be able to shop for through Google, including:

[Via Digg.]

Ask Stops Blocking Search for "Pedophilia"

This was last week...

The recent news coverage about Ask censoring certain search terms in rather silly ways had effect; Ask is now not blocking searches for e.g. “pedophilia”, “fighting pedophile abuse”, or “laws on child sex abuse” anymore. Apparently, there were some legacy filters around... let’s say it was a bug, not a policy. It’s good to find Ask reacting quickly to blog criticism. (Disclosure: Ask advertises here.)

[Thanks David Berkowitz.]

Google Defines PETA

Web definitions for PETA - (Sanskrit preta): lit. ’departed spirit’, ghost

[Thanks Sairam Sohil Nagulapalli.]


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