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Friday, August 4, 2006

Who Will Google Buy?

Sohil in the forum asks: who will Google acquire next? Live Preview

Alex and I added live preview functionality to Google Modules. For example, click “Play with live preview” below the Pac Man module thumbnail.

Google Patents Overview

Steve Arnold has a long list of patents by Google.

Available Google Domains

Wanna get sued by Google? Well, buying one of these Google-related domains, like or, might be a start...

Google Maps Saved Locations

Google Maps now has a search history feature, Tony Ruscoe in the forum reports. Every address you enter – unless you want to disable the feature – is stored in the “saved locations” page you can access through the upper right link. Google combined this with an auto-complete feature, which means when you enter an address you’ve entered before, they’ll suggest the full address to save you time typing. You can also label your locations and later on just enter the label to go to that particular address.


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