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Saturday, August 5, 2006

Gbank (Humor)

If Google would create PayPal, they’d probably name it Gbank...

Picasa Lists "Unlisted" Albums

Google Picasa Web Albums keeps listing albums they claim to be unlisted. Above is from a screenshot of Koen’s Picasa Web favorites.

Update: Just for fun, I checked over 1,600 thousand Picasa web homepages for unlisted albums named “private” (do a search for [] – add seed words if you hit the 1,000 pages limit – and append every URL with "/private”). I found around a dozen unlisted albums named “private” from complete strangers. Of course, you’d get more if you go through all ~25,000 Picasa user homepages, and append other words (like “priv”, “secret” or “girlfriend”).
Technically, it’s a user error – Google in their interface added a sentence that unlisted albums can be seen by anyone knowing the album’s name – but how many users are also security experts? How are they gonna know their unlisted album name is supposed to be a password?

Google Sitemaps Now "Google Webmaster Tools"

Google announced they renamed Google Sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools. I guess this better explains the “what’s in it for me?” part of the program (Tony wrapped up some Sitemaps uses a while ago). They didn’t change their logo though...

HTTP Header Extension

The Live HTTP Header Extension for Firefox tracks exactly what requests your browser sends, and what the server replies. After installing it and restarting Firefox, you can select Tools -> Live HTTP Headers from the menu. The window that opens now logs all browser requests (including those made from toolbars etc.). [Thanks Sankar Anand.]

Google’s Public Bug Tracker

Interesting. Google is opening up their communications by showing a public bug tracking platform. You can submit bug reports or feature request through a Google Group, and then see how they’re being worked on and eventually fixed/ implemented. So far, the feature’s only available for the Google AJAX Search API, but I could see this being rolled out for other services as well. [Thanks NateDawg.]


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