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Monday, August 21, 2006

Cafepress Sells Snakes on a Plane

Cafepress, which allows you to put anything on mugs and shirts and such, has a campaign running to allow people to sell their Snakes on a Plane movie merchandise. They write:

Creating a unique program in the true ’citizen’ spirit of Snakes on a Plane, New Line and CafePress have partnered to permit fans of the movie to become official licensees of Snakes on a Plane merchandise. This interactive promotion allows our network of over 2.5 million members to unleash their creativity to transform Snakes on a Plane artwork and ideas into unique gifts and share in the revenue stream. This completely unique approach to fan licensing, has never previously been embraced by any motion picture studio.

So, I put a Snakes on a Plane logo on a black shirt... and the first thing Cafepress does is to remove that shirt due to copyright/ trademark infringement. (Turns out it has to be my own design... their fine-print merely mention you’re not supposed to use “e.g. images from the film" and “depictions of the individual actors in the film.”)

My first impression of this campaign was, “they get it.” My second impression was, “ah, probably not.”


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