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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Google Holiday Party 2006

Last Friday, on December 1st, Google employees and friends of employees were invited to the annual Google Holiday Party (not to be confused with the Google Holiday Press Party) at the greek-styled “Mount Googlympus” in San Francisco. If you want to know how Googlers and FOGs – Friends Of Googlers – like to party, check out the posts by Renee, Ammy, and Passionate Eater, who all wrap up the night with stories and photos. Ammy writes:

Each of the rooms was hosted by a different Greek God. After checking our coats, we began in the Aphrodite room. It was French themed, with swings and a 10 piece band doing orchestral versions of popular hits of the 80’s and tiny little Croque Monsieur sandwiches. They also had a place where you could put on big wigs and get your photo taken.

... and Renee tells:

When you attend a corporate event that hosts this many people, youÂ’re suddenly reminded of the sheer magnitude and cost of it all. The crowd was nearly the size of the small American town where I grew up and 90% of them seemed to be under the age of 25. This is perhaps not reality, but certainly my perception. (...).

Young girls were suffering in their six inch heels like they always do at these types of eventsÂ….by 11 pm, some were limping. It is my opinion that this is something you only discover a sustainable alternative for after you hit 30.

[Photo by Kenn Christ with some rights reserved. More photos can be found for Flickr tags such as Google Holiday Party, GoogleHoliday, GoogleHolidayParty and so on.]


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