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Monday, December 18, 2006

Google Acquires Endoxon

Google (aka the always-hungry web giant) has acquired the Suisse Swiss mapping company Endoxon. The official Google Blog says:

The Endoxon team has demonstrated passion and innovation in online mapping and has developed compelling technology that will enhance our Google geo products worldwide. We’re also excited about having a dedicated team in Europe that can bring a distinctively European focus to our Maps products in those markets.

The FAQ on Endoxon’s site currently emphasizes that Google only acquired 3 of their 6 business units, internet, mapping and data processing, because these “complement Google Earth and Google Maps technologies and services.” Endoxon – a company with 65 employees, according to a snapshot of their team page from earlier this year – also says they’ll be discontinuing to sell any products or services (unless there’s an existing contract, that is).

More details for European users of Google Maps, then?

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[Thanks A., Andre, NateDawg and eLd0raDo!]


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