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Monday, December 18, 2006

Google Adds Another "More" Link

Google has added a link to their new Patents search engine to the homepage, though this may be a limited test visible only to some, as Ionut notes. Indeed, Patent search seems to be too fresh to deserve this honor, though this is also possibly part of a new Google strategy; pimp new services straight from the homepage for a limited amount of time, and monitor their click-rates.
I can see the “patents” link, who else can?

[Thanks Pri!]

Also see Google’s Patent search engine.

Update: Ionut notes that the “Blogs” search is also new in the more box. [Thanks Ionut!]

Google and NASA Join Brainpower

I guess it’s official now... Google is in bed with the NASA! From a NASA press release today (my emphasis):

NASA Ames Research Center and Google have signed a Space Act Agreement that formally establishes a relationship to work together on a variety of challenging technical problems ranging from large-scale data management and massively distributed computing, to human-computer interfaces.

As the first in a series of joint collaborations, Google and Ames will focus on making the most useful of NASA’s information available on the Internet. Real-time weather visualization and forecasting, high-resolution 3-D maps of the moon and Mars, real-time tracking of the International Space Station and the space shuttle will be explored in the future.

So I guess it’ll be more than just an update of Google Moon and Google Mars. Note this isn’t the first time Google and NASA announce a collaboration.

[Thanks Billy Masters, Siggi Becker and Yu!]

Movie Interface Usability

Heh. Usability expert Jakbob Nielsen discusses some user interface clichees from Hollywood movies. Among them:

Also see what a typical web search would look like on the “Movie OS”.


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