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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mr. Query, Meta Search Engine

Mr. Query is a nice new search engine covering all different kinds of search engines. You enter any query on top, and then click on the variety of engines below, which are sorted by category. For example, the “images” category features Flickr, MS Live, Google Images, and more. “Video” contains Yahoo Video, YouTube, Myspace and so on. For each category, you can also click on “all” on top to open several browser windows, each containing a specific site’s search result.

I think Mr. Query is an efficient and pragmatic meta search engine without any fashionable bells & whistles. It also acts as a good search portal, because you may not know about many of these services.

Now, Mr. Query is still a work in progress, creator Oded Breiner from Israel tells me. That being the case, Oded poses a couple of questions, which I’d like to forward to all of you here:

1- Search providers: These are the million dollar questions.
A. Do you recommend different search providers for any of the categories?
B. Do you recommend different categories?
C. As you can see, i have three undecided search columns (Maps, groups, Answers), are these the right categories?

2- Design: Is the design any good? different colors? new alignment?

3- Slogans: I thought of a few:
“one search box to rule them all”,
“one click does the trick”,
“Let me get that...”,
“mrquery can get it” (currently used),
and even “This page is for geeks only, if you’re an internet newbie go to our special page by pressing ’Ctrl+F4’”.

4 - Usability: How can I make the site more usable, can you understand the purpose of the site by just looking at it?

Oded is also the creator of GoogDesk, by the way.

On a related note, also see my Multi Search for the personalized Google homepage.

[Thanks Oded!]


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