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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Google Percent

(Disclaimer: As I’m not sitting inside the Googleplex, this post is a bit speculative.)

Google provides different tools to their employees via their intranet, which is called MOMA. For example, entering “m” (that is, http://m, or from the outside) takes you directly to your emails, and “calendar” takes you to your calendar. This specific tool is a bit more fun: as a Google employee you can enter “percent/yourname” and you’re taken to a “G%gle” site accessing Google’s internal employee database... to tell you exactly how many employees are newer than you! (See “n% out of ~16,000 ... active employees have been at Google for less time than yourname” above – sorry for all the anonymizing blackouts.) As the page says... “This service provided for entertainment purposes only.”


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