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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Google Euro Championship Doodle

Tonight, Spain will be playing against Germany in the European foot(as-in-soccer)ball championships final. For this special event – people in Europe are often found partying on the streets when their team wins – Google launched a logo doodle contest a while ago, and today presents the winner on the homepage of Google homepages of Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The logo was selected from 3,800 competitors and received over 300,000 votes, Google says, and is drawn by 17-year old Mai Dao Ngoc from Germany. Additionally to having her logo showcased on the homepage, Mai Dao Ngoc was given a computer by Google employee and original logo artist Dennis Hwang during the ceremony.

As for the winning doodle itself, it shows a crowded and colorful cartoon style rendering of all kinds of football-related things. While some in the forum thought it was ugly, I think it looks neat, though it doesn’t work well at all in the small size shown on the homepage... and Google missed the chance to link it to a zoom version on the details page when you click it.

Additional to the desktop homepage, Google also had one winner be selected for a special mobile doodle.

[Thanks Hebbet! Photo courtesy of Google.]


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