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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Google China’s Kai-Fu Lee Quitting Google

Google China’s boss, Kai-Fu Lee, is leaving the company... and plans to announce his next project this Monday. A press release mentions Kai-Fu’s past work beyond Google:

Dr. Lee has also devoted himself to fostering the professional growth of Chinese technology students. He has given hundreds of lectures to about 500,000 students, and has written seven public letters and three books for Chinese students. His first book, Be Your Personal Best, sold over one million copies. He is publishing his fourth book, Making A World of Difference, this month. Dr. Lee has built his own website for Chinese students ( and answered thousands of questions from students.

Kai-Fu didn’t want to comment on his upcoming project yet, but the press release mentions this much: it “will combine Dr. Lee’s passion for technology, experience in building organizations, and love for mentoring young people.”

On that note, I’m currently blogging from China. A couple of sites I checked today worked (and I can post fine here, as you can see), while others – like YouTube, Blogspot and Friendfeed – can’t be reached. On the upside, I can now also check out services like Google China Music, which has its playback disabled in other countries. A local video site like Youku displays much faster here than in Germany. Both and display fast during my tries.

Also see Google’s Real Fight in China.

[Thanks Bill Mac, Alexios and Manoj! Photo by Keso with some rights reserved.]


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