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Friday, January 8, 2010

Google Local Business Center Privacy Breach?

According to David Dalka, Google committed a privacy breach and sent him and others the statistics for someone else’s Google Local Business center. David tells me “the data is allegedly the Local Business Results data for November, 2009”, and he says the following info showed up:

Appeared in Google local search results
Users clicked on this listing
Clicks for more info
Clicks for driving directions
Clicks to your website

I don’t know if the email really was from Google, though I also wouldn’t know what incentive someone might have to send such things out wrongly. David asks, “What does the apparent lack of controls that may have caused this incident imply about the integrity of the Adwords platform and Google’s relationship with businesses?” He also wonders, “Did any companies receive a competitor’s apparent local business center results? If so what are the implications?”

[Thanks David!]


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