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Introduction to the Chat

try the chat!

This chat program doesn't need any special plug-in (like Java or Flash) but simply runs in your browser. It was tested with Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 1, and to some degree Konqueror. It also doesn't need any special ports as it's Ajax-based.

To start the chat, choose any of the many avatars and give your avatar a nick (this can be your name). If the nick is taken, you need to choose another one. However, multiple same avatars may appear in the room.

Once in the room, just type something you want to say in the bottom input box and press Return. Only those in the room will be able to see it (you cannot address someone specifically), and what you say is not permanently logged (it is logged for under 1 hour and will be instantly deleted the second you exit).

Get the Chat for Your Server

The chat application as open source/ a GNU GPL CC license. This includes the cartoon graphics and the quiz game the bot can play. The installation steps are:

  1. You need PHP5 + MySQL
  2. Download the ZIP (v1.0, last updated 2009-10)
  3. Run the SQL contained in "sql-generate.txt" on your MySQL
  4. Insert your database name, user and password within "database.php5"
  5. Change graphics as needed
  6. Upload the whole PHP5 project as a "chat" folder onto your root
  7. You can now type to chat

Enjoy, and if you do install it please post your URL, code modifications or other feedback in the forum thread.

If you like the download, please donate a bit:

The Gbot

The Gbot (a robotic brother of the Googlebot) has different commands:

The Gbot might also be called Googlebot depending on the version... change the commands accordingly.

Gbot Trivia Games

You can also play trivia games with the Gbot and others in the room. There are thousands of questions available in topics such as movies, history, geography, or US Presidents.

You start a round by typing "!ask" and you end it by either typing the correct answer, or by letting Gbot reveal the correct answer (type "!answer" for that). An overview of the commands:

Exiting the Room

To leave the channel, you can close the browser window, or for a cleaner and faster exit, press "Exit" to the right.

You can rejoin the channel anytime, and choose the same nick/ avatar or another nick/ avatar. Of course people may recognize you better if you stick to the same nick/ avatar combination.


If you don't say something for around 45 minutes, you will automatically be exited.

Also, if your connection drops, you will leave the room automatically.

Suggestions, Questions, Contact

Please post in the forum thread for the chat.


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