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Hello is brought to you by Picasa.

How does Hello work?

Hello is a new program that lets you connect directly with your friends to share your digital pictures. If you’ve used an instant messenger program before, you’ve already got the idea—Hello is special because it lets you share your pictures along with your messages.

With Hello, you just pick what pictures you want to show off, and click “Send.” That’s it. Hello takes care of all the hard work. And you and your friends can download full resolution, print-quality pictures from each other, while you’re doing more important things, like talking about your pictures.

I can already send pictures with email. Why do I need Hello?

Hello is designed to let you send high-quality pictures instantly and securely over any speed connection, even dialup. With Hello, you can send hundreds of high quality pictures to your friends in just seconds—you can’t do that with email.

When you share pictures with Hello, you get feedback from your friends right away. Also, Hello automatically encrypts all your pictures and chat before sending, so it’s safer and more secure than email.

How is Hello different from a website?

Websites are great when you want to show your pictures to the whole world. But it can take hours to put a new gallery online; after you pick your favorites, edit, resize, and upload them, you still have to sit around and wait for someone to come and see them. And how would you know if anyone did?

When you use Hello to share pictures, they arrive on your friend’s screen immediately, without the hassle of uploading them to a public website. Your friends can download print quality copies of their favorite pictures to print right at home, which most “picture sharing” websites won’t let you do.

With Hello’s file sharing technology, they only have to download high quality versions of the ones they really like. Everything else comes in at a smaller size, optimized for viewing on-screen.

What makes Hello so secure?

Hello protects your images with 128-bit AES encryption. Hello also works like a built-in firewall, so no one can access the files on your hard drive. You can read more about privacy and security in Hello here.

How much does this cost?

Hello is free. If you like Hello, please try Picasa, our picture organization software.

How does Hello work with Picasa?

Picasa is a great way to organize all the photos you get from friends on Hello. When you use Hello and Picasa together, your received images will instantly appear in your Picasa folders.

You can use Picasa to rotate, crop, and fix redeye in your pictures before you share them. Picasa locates and displays all the pictures on your PC, imports the pictures on your camera, and helps you print, email, and create webpages. Picasa automatically converts other image filetypes into JPGs, so you can share them with Hello.

To download Picasa, please visit

Friends list

This is the list of all your friends on the Hello network. When you’ve got pictures to share, look here to see who’s online.


The pictures you send and receive are displayed here. You can click on a picture and send some text, and your friend can see exactly what you’re talking about.

Sending Pictures

Hello keeps a library of your recently shared pictures, so you can find things quickly without browsing through your files


Get instant feedback about your photographs—no more waiting for an email response.

Shared History

Hello keeps an archive of your past chats, so you can see what pictures you’ve already sent.

Picasa + Hello

You can send pictures to your Hello friends directly from Picasa, and pictures you receive automatically appear in Picasa.