Windows Live Mail Usability (or lack of)

  1. It loads too slow
  2. It doesn't show the inbox first
  3. A lot of good messages land in the junk folder
  4. When you open a mail in the junk folder, its content will be hidden by default, so you'll have a hard time judging if it's spam indeed
  5. Links or buttons should never read "click here", as it's non-descriptive
  6. Opening the "Options" menu will show an entry for "Legal". Doesn't make sense, as I can't change that
  7. The browser back button won't work
  8. You can't see a select box left of the mail until you hover over the icon
  9. Unread messages will show as bold, but your inbox won't even when it contains unread messages
  10. There's lots of unused space on top, which will often show irrelevant banners -- this should be a tool, not a website
  11. There's no "advanced search options" link next to the search, even though it doesn't allow you to search through e.g. junk mail. Also, opening emails from search results you won't see your search query highlighted
  12. This action's save button is way on the other side of the screen.
  13. The text about switching back to Hotmail is much to verbose (users don't read), and it talks about interface elements -- "Click 'Switch Back' below" -- instead of immediately offering the clickable actions
  14. There's no immediately obvious way to turn off rich-text editing
  15. I don't instantly see how many minutes/ hours the message is old

etc. etc.

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